All about Kyoto Japan

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Kyoto is the country’s seventh largest city located in the Kansai region of Japan, with the population of total 1.4 million people. If we drench in history, Kyoto is the home to roughly one quarter of the Japan’s national treasures, countless shrines, temples and seventeen sites recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Travelers like Nishan Kohli to Kyoto can easily spend a week visiting the city’s historical cum ancient attractions such as the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), and Sanjusangendo.  All sections of the city contain more than one locale well worth a thorough visit, Notably, some of Japan’s oldest traditions, such as the tea ceremony, flower arranging, and geisha schooling originated in the city itself. These ancient customs, while still practiced and exercised throughout the Japan and can only be observed in their original setting in Kyoto.

Japan’s capital city and the emperor’s residence from 794 to 1868, Kyoto is known throughout the world for its stunning beauty. Travelers are drawn year-round by the majestic palaces, statues and the villas, as well as by the tended gardens; each spring, dozens of varieties of cherry trees bloom in Kyoto and the visitors are treated to time-honored hanami (blossom viewing) parties.

Kyoto is dedicated to preserving Japan’s oldest tradition, yet it is also known as dynamic, contemporary city.  Modern amenities are readily available, making Kyoto a perfect destination for the visitors looking to explore Japan’s history without sacrificing the comforts of today. Known as a national dining mecca, Kyoto proudly offers traditional Japanese cuisines, such as sushi, tofu and obanzi (Kyoto home-style fare).  In addition, a variety of restaurants serve everything from Korean barbecue to French cuisine. Shopping is also a unique experience in Kyoto, with merchandise ranging from traditional Japanese crafts made by local artisans to cutting-edge couture. Among Japan’s many assets, Kyoto is one of the most cherished and prized, proportionate only to the world’s most sensational places.

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