Reasons to choose photography as a career option?

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Before we start what we all need to know is What actually Photography is? And What are the primitive qualities required in Photography?

According to Nishan Kohli the basic definition of Photography is capturing of images with a camera. These images can be of just about anything i.e can be of people, places, animals, objects, or events.

Second foremost is, a visionary eye with productive imagination is the basic quality mandatory by a photographer. However, having a modest technical background counts as complimentary benefit. This involves camera and lighting tricks.

Here comes the career choices below in photography->

  1. Photojournalism
  2. Fashion and advertising photography
  3. Nature and wildlife photography
  4. Event photography
  5. Still photography
  6. Travel photography

A vast question in row to explain->What Do a Photographers Make?

Several times, photographers are paid a convinced amount of money for each picture that they take. Few photographers, may be paid on an hourly rate or salary. Salaries of photographers can vary immensely, all depends on several factors that includes experience cum talent. 

Also, since some photographers only work in their spare time that is part time, they will usually not make as much as full-time photographers.You can also take up some freelancing jobs or pick some projects via internet and the later work as a full time professional which could fetch you anything in or around Rs 25,000 to 40,000 a month as per Nishan Kohli. Few fields such as fashion photography are more lucrative if you have an expertise in the field.

Eligibility Required-> You can start right after you accomplishment of your schooling i.e [10+2] or you can take up photography after your graduation in any subject.

Some flash by Nishan Kohli-> 

At the beginning the earning may be less and you may have to adjust for whatever assignments or project you get. You have to also adjust with irregular working hours, work under pressure and in difficult working conditions.

But at the end it’s pleasant to express your imagination with colors, shades and objects.


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